by on May 5, 2020

Crucible, a bold free to play hero shooter from Amazon Games, launches for PC in May

Amazon Games has announced Crucible, a zany hero shooter that will be free-to-play when it launches for PC this month. 

Seeking Essence, a resource which maximises players’ powers, the teams of hunters will begin their fight on a hostile alien planet. Crucible boasts ten unique hunters, each rocking their own weapons and abilities. Developer Relentless Studios aims to offer a hunter for every type of player, including the adorable Bugg, a robot botanist, and Summer, a former welder whose flame throwers encourage attackers to think twice.

Essence will let players level their hunters up, increasing their effectiveness in battles. “Crucible’s fast-paced combat requires players to constantly re-evaluate and adjust their strategies,
adapting to their opponents’ moves and the ever-changing planet itself,” said Relentless Studios in a press release. Upon launch, there will be three individual game modes.

Heart of the Hives, a four versus four mode, pits the teams against behemothic bosses to capture three of their “hearts.” The second mode, Alpha Hunters, involving eight teams of pairs of players, will duke it out to the last team standing. Lastly, Harvester Command is a capture and defend mode to protect Essence Harvesters. The first team, consisting of eight players each, to achieve 100 Essence will win. 

Crucible will launch for PC on May 20. Watch the launch trailer below. 



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