Crown Wars The Black Prince release date and time confirmed

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  • The Crown Wars The Black Prince release date is set for May 23, 2024.
  • Originally planned for March 2024, the game was delayed to give it more polish.
  • Crown Wars The Black Prince will be available on PS5, PC, and Xbox.

Artefact Studios has announced the Crown Wars: The Black Prince release date following a delay earlier this year. This strategy game is set in a fantasy version of the 100-year War in 14th Century France, featuring turn-based combat and base-building from your seat of power known as your Domain. Following a delay to the game, we now know when Crown Wars: The Black Prince will be released, so let’s get into it.

crown wars the black prince release time - two medieval soldiers prepare to fight
Turn-based battles will require strategic thinking. Image via Artefacts Studios

When is the Crown Wars The Black Prince release date?

The Crown Wars: The Black Prince release date is set for Thursday, May 23 2024. This release date has been confirmed and locked down by the developers during a special live stream for the game, showing off new gameplay. Originally, Crown Wars: The Black Prince was scheduled for release in March 2024, but the developers decided to delay the game to make some extra changes and implement players’ feedback.

Crown Wars The Black Prince release time

Crown Wars: The Black Prince release time has been confirmed for 9 am BST on May 23. This information is from the game’s official PSN listing, which seems to be a fairly reliable indication of when the game will go live on launch day. The game is also coming out on Steam and Xbox Series X, but neither storefront lists a release time. As such, at the very least, we can expect to see Crown Wars go live on the morning of May 23 on PS5, and this perhaps might be the same for Steam and Xbox platforms.

RegionRelease Time
United Kingdom (GMT)May 23 at 9 am BST
United States (EDT)May 23 at 4 am EDT
United States (PDT)May 23 at 1 am PDT
United States (CDT)May 23 at 3 am CDT
Europe (CEST)May 23 at 10 am CEST
New Zealand (NZST)May 23 at 8 pm NZST
Japan (JST)May 23 at 5 am JST
Crown Wars The Black Prince release times

The table we’ve put together above uses the PSN release time, so check it out to see when the game will go live in your region.

Crown Wars: The Black Prince gameplay details

From trailers and screenshots, we’ve seen some gameplay that looks extremely similar to the likes of XCOM and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. In Crown Wars: The Black Prince, you navigate through maps and missions by moving your troops in strategic turn-based combat. You can use archers to seek the high ground and rain arrows down on your foes all the while sending your infantry and other soldiers into the front to bear down on your enemies.

crown wars the black prince release date - a view of the battle map showing grids
Use the environment to catch your foes off guard. Image via Artefacts Studios

Crown Wars uses the real-life historical 100-Year War as its backdrop but mixes in some fantasy elements for good measure. From what we’ve seen, it looks like a tight strategy game that might scratch an itch for those who yearn for more in this genre. As per the game’s PSN page, here’s what we can expect: “From your castle – your seat of operations – recruit, equip and train your soldiers to fight all those that threaten the kingdom. Build squads according to the requirements of each mission, then set out to find the source of the Evil and thwart the malevolent plans of the Order”.

In Crown Wars, you can build a squad of six soldiers and each one has access to a different class. Learning about the classes and how they play is integral to figuring out strategies and finding out the best way to synergise skills for your team. Alongside the combat, there will be an element of base-building in Crown Wars. It sounds like your Domain is basically your hub area, which you are tasked with rebuilding and fortifying by upgrading buildings and making other structures. At your base, you can make new weapons, alchemise some potions, and create other items to use in combat.

Crown Wars The Black Prince will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on May 23. Make sure you read our upcoming game releases page so you never miss a new game in 2024.

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