Cosmic Star Heroine Designer wants the game ‘on Xbox One ASAP’

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Designer-cum-Programmer-cum-Writer at Zeboyd Games Robert Boyd seems eager to get Cosmic Star Heroine on Xbox One, as soon as possible.

Boyd turned to Twitter to get in touch with ID@Xbox’s Chris Charla about whether he had the right email address in order to seemingly get a devkit fixed. The tweet has since been deleted, but you can see it below. We’ve altered the email address a little bit in order to protect the innocent. We’re sound like that.

Boyd redacted tweet

While Boyd doesn’t specifically mention Cosmic Star Heroine, it’s the developer’s most recent release, launching on PC and PlayStation 4 in April, this year. The studio turned to Kickstarter in 2013 to fund development, raising over $132k, with 6,414 members of the general public backing the project.

Boyd confirmed Cosmic Star Heroine was coming to Xbox One in 2013 when speaking to Eurogamer, but things have been quiet on that front since. Although, a release on Microsoft’s home console still appears to be in the works.

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