Control will receive expansions The Foundation and AWE next year

Control will receive expansions The Foundation and AWE next year
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Remedy announced today that Control will receive two new expansions  — titled The Foundation and AWE — in 2020, and that its team is working on a Photo Mode and new game mode called Expeditions. 

We had an inkling that DLC would be coming to Control when debug files showed a previously unknown mission that ended in those three little letters. Now, Remedy has confirmed it will get not one but two full, paid expansions next year. Set for early 2020, The Foundation will explore the history of the Oldest House, as Jesse delves into this unfathomable and tumultuous location at the behest of the Board. AWE is planned for mid-2020, and will introduce Jesse to the Investigations Sector that investigates the chaotic phenomena arising from Altered World Events.

In addition, Remedy has been working on the new game mode, Expeditions. This mode is free for all players, and occurs at the endgame. Security Chief Arish will be called upon to help Jesse dive into the odd Formation and its mysterious miscellanea. Here lies the greatest challenges that the Oldest House can conjure up, and requires the sharpest wits with top tier gear to survive its twists and turns. Photo Mode is in the pipeline too, so players can get snap happy and show off the eerie quiet or utter destruction present in the Oldest House. 

Now that we’re all up to speed, we need to talk about AWE. AWE, or awe, has the same font as Alan Wake’s titles. If we look a little closer at the stylish split between the letters, there are fir trees and a figure with a torch cutting through the mist. In the red half, it shows Jesse floating in a void. There are references to Alan Wake in the lore of Control, so is it so far-fetched to speculate that AWE is Alan Wake’s Escape?

We won’t know for certain until 2020, and if you haven’t played Control yet, we thought its pulpy paranatural premise was pretty pleasing. Check out what Josh thought about it here.