Control spin-offs are in the early stages of development

Control spin-offs are in the early stages of development
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Remedy is working on a number of projects, and one of them is “Codename Condor,” a multiplayer Control spin-off.

In its financial results report, Remedy discussed several projects, and indicated which stages they were at in development.

“Alan Wake 2 is in the full production stage. A lot of work remains, but the game is starting to take a more complete form in many areas. As communicated earlier, Alan Wake 2 will be released in 2023.”

Then, there was this little nugget, with regard to multiple Control spin-offs:

“Codename Condor, a spin-off game of Control, continues in the proof-of-concept stage. Codename Heron, a bigger Control game, is in the concept stage and its prototyping continues.”

I’m generally a fan of code-naming things after birds, and Heron, in particular, has me excited. Not because the bird itself is more impressive than a condor. More because multiplayer things make me slightly less excited than single-player things.