The developer behind PC RTS Supreme Commander has confessed that he is working on a console version of the game.

In an interview with Pro-G, Chris Taylor, founder of Gas Powered Games and the man behind Dungeon Siege, classic PC RTS Total Annihilation and its recent spiritual successor Supreme Commander, said that the Xbox 360 would be the most likely console destination for the game because "it's the platform of choice for moving stuff from the PC".

Speaking on the issue of controls with RTS games on consoles, Taylor said: "I use the football analogy. The first RTS game was the kick and then we had to take the ball a few more yards down the field every iteration. We're getting closer and closer to that touchdown. We may be a few more iterations of the UI and interface before we get there."

When asked whether Gas Powered Games would be the developer to score that touchdown with Supreme Commander, Taylor revealed that a console version of the game was in development.

He said: "I hope so. That's our goal. Especially not to talk too much here because you've almost made me confess that we're working on it... no actually you have. That's good. I like that. This is a secret I want to share."

Pro-G caught up with Taylor after a presentation of his new PC action RPG Space Siege, scheduled for release "in the middle of next year". Taylor revealed that Space Siege is more likely to come out on Xbox 360 before the PS3 because of added complexity with Sony's console and a smaller install base compared with Microsoft's next-gen offering.

When asked whether he would prefer to bring the game to Xbox 360 over PS3, he said: "Yeah likely. It's a great platform. If you look at pure development economics, it's the platform of choice for moving stuff from the PC. You can get stuff over there economically, very quickly."

Commenting on the PS3, Taylor added: "The hardware is more complex, but it's not out of the question. It's just more time. As the install base grows and as that market starts to become more understandable to us, like we understand what kind of player is on that platform because we have more data, then it becomes logical that a game like Space Siege would move through the 360, the PS3, heck and probably the Mac."

For more from the outspoken Chris Taylor and Pro-G's first impressions of Space Siege for the PC, check the site later this week.

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