UPDATE - 08/07/14: Speight now claims that he hasn't actually been contacted by Microsoft to reprise his role as Cole and reports suggesting otherwise are the result of one big "misunderstanding".

"Let me clear up misunderstanding," Speight wrote on Twitter. "I'm willing to reprise my roll as Cole Train but I HAVEN'T BEEN CONTACTED YET, STOP!!! NO MORE RUMORS!!!"

ORIGINAL REPORT: Lester Speight, the voice actor behind Gears of War's Augustus Cole, has been contacted to reprise his role in the Xbox One's upcoming Gears of War.

Speight confirmed the news on Twitter, simply replying "Yup!" to a tweet asking whether he'd gotten a call to reprise his role in the new Gears.

Cole 2

Little is known about the new Gears of War, which will be the first game in the series to be developed by Black Tusk Studios following Microsoft's acquisition of the IP earlier this year.

But with Cole potentially making a comeback, could we also see the return of Marcus Phoenix and co...?

Source: @lesterspeight (via Reddit)

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