Coin Master how to break the Piggy Bank

Coin Master how to break the Piggy Bank
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Coin Master has a ton of ways to accumulate free spins and more rewards (for example Coupons) – but none so are as exciting as the Piggy Bank.

The way the Piggy Bank works is simple. Firstly, you’ve got to head over to the pay table – you can do this by clicking the golden Piggy Bank icon in the corner of the main screen.

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Once you’re in, the Piggy Bank will collect spins each time you land on a symbol on the pay table.

Eventually, the Piggy Bank will get full and you’ll be greeted by a message similar to the one below. This will ask you if you want to break the Piggy Bank. Here’s how to do it.

Coin Master Piggy Bank
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Here’s how to break the Piggy Bank – a step by step guide

  • Load up Coin Master on your device.
  • Tap the shimmering golden pig in the top left of the main slot machine screen.
  • Tap the ‘Break Now For £6.99’ button. The amount may differ depending on your region and currency.
  • Confirm the payment in the new window that pops up on your device.
  • Coin Master will then automatically add the spins from the piggy bank to your total.

Now, bear in mind that once you break it, a new Piggy Bank will form and begin accumulating spins. Happy spinnging!

Coin Master Piggy bank – FAQ

Can you break the coin Master Piggy Bank for free?

Sadly, no. You’re not able to break the Coin Master Piggy Bank for free – you’ll need to pay for it.

What do you do when your Piggy Bank full in Coin Master?

You have two options. You can break it, which costs a fee, or just leave it alone and keep spinning!