Codemasters appears to be on the verge of announcing a new game, judging by comments made by its community team.

Over on Codemasters' official blog, community manager Lee Williams teased that this week had been "like the calm before the storm," adding that "developers are getting builds ready, the PR guys are preparing PR stuff and the Community Team are busy teasing something..."

He concluded the post by saying: "We'll be back next week... and after taking a look at the weather forecast it looks like we could be in for a storm after all..."

Codemasters has long been teasing new titles in the DiRT and GRID series, but has yet to make any formal announcements regarding the future of either franchise.

However, it could also be preparing to reveal this year's F1 game, which is expected to be in development for current and next-gen platforms.

Whatever it may be expect to hear more next week.


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