Codemasters has responded to criticism over the launch of GRID Autosport's Boost Pack, a one-off microtransaction that lets players accelerate their progress throughout the game's single-player and multiplayer.

Posting on NeoGAF, community manager Ben Walke admitted that the developer had previously received "flak" for releasing a similar car unlock pack for GRID 2, before adding: "but in all honesty and without any PR bull sh* sells. There is a silent subset of players that do like that sort of content but whether or not it's here to stay is something the industry is yet to work out..."

Walke also denied claims that Codemasters had deliberately made GRID Autosport a 'grind' in order to sell more Boost Packs.

"Under no circumstances did we make the game a grind on purpose (that much I can promise you)," he said, "in the grand scheme of things it's still relatively easy to progress via single player and online it's not that difficult to earn money."

While the launch of the Boost Pack may have angered some fans, Walke hopes that future content will be more of what they expect from the developer.

"I'm confident that the mini-expansions we've got are more along the lines of the sort of DLC people want / expect to see, and they are genuinely a good experience with lots of hours of content in there," he added.

"The Classic Touring Car Pack is great and some of the cars we've got in there are great to see in our games again."

Codemasters detailed its plans for GRID Autosport DLC yesterday, revealing three car packs and three mini-expansions due for release between now and October.


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