Code Vein info reveals the characters who will help shape your quest

Code Vein info reveals the characters who will help shape your quest
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Bandai Namco Games has polished off a slew of new Code Vein details for your consumption, detailing the various characters you’ll come across in the upcoming action-RPG. 

One of the main areas you’ll be visiting is Home Base, which acts as a sort of safe haven in the overtly grim world of Vein. Here, you’ll bump into various merchants and NPCs, including Davis, Coco, and Murasame, who you’ll definitely want to chat to if you want to survive. 

Each of them has a specific role. For example, Davis investigates the Depth area, while Coco specialises in flogging rare items for use in your quest. Finally, Murasame has a number of weapons for sale and can also beef up your equipment via transforming. Elsewhere, players can increase their Affinity stat and unlock powerful gear by snapping up quests associated with the numerous NPCs you’ll encounter. 

Code Vein is due for release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One in 2018. The game takes place in a post-apocalytics sandbox where you take on the role of a Revenant tasked with fighting their way out of the game’s twisted, titular world of horrors. Code Vein’s been compared to Dark Souls quite a few times, so watch the latest trailer and judge for yourself.