City of Heroes, the now free-to-play MMO from Paragon Studios, turned eight over the weekend, having officially launched back on April 28, 2004.

In celebration of the anniversary, Paragon released a bunch of stats, highlighting the game's popularity.

  • Over 43 million characters created
  • Over 500,000 accounts have reached max level (50)
  • Almost 300,000 Super Groups created
  • 12 trillion Influence held by Scrappers alone
  • Over 15,000 costume pieces, which can be used to create over 10 Trecedillion (10^42) costumes in the game today
  • Almost 4,000 powers in the game today
  • Over 3 million individual Super Packs cards redeemed since this February

"City of Heroes is better than ever and we want to thank you, our players, for treating it with the same passion that we do," wrote Paragon Studios general manager Brian Clayton. "We encourage you to keep bringing your friends to the game to share the experience and join our community, and we look forward to many amazing years to come. Thanks for making City of Heroes the best super heroic MMO of all time!"


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