UPDATE 2: Activision has confirmed that the game will have a staggered release in the UK, arriving on Xbox One on December 1 and PS4 on December 2. A UK price is still to be confirmed.

UPDATE: Torn Banner Studios has confirmed that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will release digitally on PS4 and Xbox One on December 1. The game will be priced $19.99 in the US, although a UK price has yet to be confirmed.

"We're excited to announce the upcoming release of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare on Xbox One and PlayStation 4!" Torn Banner wrote on its website. "On December 1st, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will get their hands on the full-fledged Chivalry experience, previously only available to PC gamers.

"This updated version of Chivalry, published by Activision with development by Hardsuit Labs, has support for up to 24 players online, and multiplayer gameplay is supported by dedicated servers - just like the Steam version of Chivalry.

"The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare also includes Horde Mode, which was previously unavailable on Xbox 360 and PS3. Battle monsters and survive waves of new enemies in this fantasy co-op showdown."

Want a glimpse at what it looks like on current-gen? Take a look at the trailer below.

ORIGINAL STORY: First-person medieval slasher Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will release digitally on Xbox One on December 2, according to a listing on the Xbox Store.

The Xbox One version will include over 25 battlefields and 60 weapons, with support for up to 24-player online multiplayer. A brand new Horde Mode will also feature in the Xbox One release, the listing says.

The game will be an online-only title and require 3.47GB of storage space. You can see supposed screenshots of the Xbox One version through here.

An Ultimate Edition of the game featuring access to four DLC packs will also be available, introducing a range of additional weapons, armour and character skins. A price for either the Standard or Ultimate Edition has yet to be announced.

In fact, Activision has yet to announce the game for release on PS4 or Xbox One at all, so we don't yet know whether it'll also make its way over to Sony's platform.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare launched on PC back in 2012 before arriving on Xbox 360 and PS3 two years later. The game is currently available to purchase on Xbox 360 for £11.99.

Source: xbox.com (via @lifelower)

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