Cartoony vehicle combat title Cel Damage HD, a "revitalisation" of 2002's middling GameCube, PS2 and Xbox title, is to be released for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, Toronto-based indie studio Finish Line Games has announced.

The game's blurb states: "Cel Damage HD is a fast-paced vehicle combat game where the world's toughest cartoon drivers get behind the wheel of outlandish cars and battle each other in order to gain fame on the most popular cartoon demolition derby show on TV.

"With six characters to choose from, combatants smash, shoot and slice enemies into oblivion using an array of destructive armaments for personal glory.  With vibrant cel-shaded art, Cel Damage HD transports players into a real-life cartoon environment, and allows them to explore 13 arena-style levels with 10 playable cars and more than 30 weapon power-ups."

The game will support Cross-Buy, meaning players can access all three versions of the game with one purchase.

Source: Finish Line Games