CD Projekt has revealed plans to open a new US office and release "two smaller titles" by 2016.

Outlining its future strategy in a document posted on its website (translated via Google), CD Projekt revealed that it hopes to release "two smaller [titles]" to support "one of the [company's] product lines" within the next three years, and a "cross-platform game on mobile platforms" based on one of its IPs.

By CD Projekt's standards, however, small doesn't necessarily mean small. The firm hopes that each smaller title will feature a play time of "approximately 20 hours".

A US office will also be established to offer "a local representation of CD Projekt RED in the US responsible for marketing and public relations in the Americas" and, by 2016, the firm plans to have started licensing out REDengine to third-party developers.

Meanwhile, the document confirms that The Witcher 3 will see a "simultaneous [release] in 2014 [on] at least three strong platforms including PC hardware and PS4." The third, presumably, is Microsoft's next Xbox.

And the firm intends to include "long-term support" for the game, "using completely new mechanisms" to - presumably - deliver new content.

The Witcher 3 was announced earlier this year. According to CD Projekt, the game will feature a "non-linear, mature storyline with over 100 hours" of gameplay, and a world "35 times greater than the area" found in The Witcher 2.

Source: (thanks, Zak)

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