Carrion makes a bloody mess on PlayStation 4 in surprise launch today

Carrion makes a bloody mess on PlayStation 4 in surprise launch today
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Devolver Digital has announced the surprise release of Carrion on PlayStation 4 consoles as of right now.

The “reverse horror experience” originally launched back in July of last year on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. It sees you take control of a tentacled red monster with very little backstory. Needless to say, you wake up in a mysterious lab, break out of confinement and then it’s up to you to cause chaos and try and escape.

As you do so, you’ll devour the flesh of the hapless scientists, military personnel and more. Consuming flesh serves two purposes; firstly to restore health but also to eventually lead you to upgrades. These give you new abilities, such as turning invisible and shooting projectiles. It’s messy, it’s bloody and it’s fun.

The game was first announced as coming to the PlayStation back in August, but no date was given. It seems apt then, that Devolver have decided to unleash this particular monster just before Halloween. Josh said of the game in his reviewCarrion abounds with the thrills of being the monster, then, but, less common and more cosy, with the kick of being in a monster movie—of slithering in celebration over the tropes of the genre.”

Carrion is available from today on the PlayStation 4.