Capcom has revealed new details on Super Street Fighter 4 and unleashed some brand spanking new screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

The car and barrel bonus stages from Street Fighter II return. The car stage will appear after you've defeated three computer opponents, and the barrel stage will appear after defeating five.

Both work as they did back in the day. The car doors needs to be smashed first, then the roof. The barrel stage sees 20 barrels fall from the ceiling, all of which need to be destroyed for that elusive perfect.

There are four new online modes. Endless battle is a winner stays on match with up to eight players. While you wait for your turn, you can watch the fighting and chat.

Team Battle allows a maximum of eight players to set up either two versus two, three versus three or four versus four battles. Once the group has been finalised all players will be randomly divided into two teams. The teams will then decide which order each member will fight, or a random order will be generated.

Replay Channel allows players to save their fights to their hard drives. Other players can then "tune in" to your Replay Channel, and view, rate and save movies to their own hard drives. Movies will be divided into a number of categories, including Origin, Boss and others yet to be announced.

And finally the long-awaited Tournament mode will be made available post release as DLC.

These new details add to already confirmed improvements and additions. We know that the game will feature around eight new characters, three of which are Korean Taekwondo expert Juri, Jamaican kickboxer Dee Jay and Native American Indian T. Hawk. The game will also include "an enhanced ultra combo system", most likely two Ultra combos per character, and rebalanced gameplay.

And those of you who struggled to unlock Gouken, Akuma and end boss Seth, will be happy to know that all playable Street Fighter 4 characters will be unlocked out of the box.

Super Street Fighter 4 is due out spring 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Capcom has confirmed the game will cost less than Street Fighter 4. For our hands-on impressions, head over to our hot off the press Super Street Fighter 4 preview.

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