Warzone 2 Stats Tracker – Can I See My Stats in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 Stats Tracker – Can I See My Stats in Warzone 2?
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Warzone 2’s launch has finally enabled its players to engage in combat with one another in the hunt for that elusive battle royale victory.

Because of the game’s player-filled lobbies and constant map-wide skirmishes, plenty of kills and deaths are recorded throughout the duration of the match (you can get more kills if you check out our handy Warzone 2 weapons guides).

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With plenty of consistent action occurring during a game, it’s only natural for the players involved to check their stats after every run. But the question is does Warzone 2 let you check your stats?

Here’s what we know about this specific mechanic’s inclusion in the game.

Can You Check Warzone 2 Stats?

Yes, Warzone 2 will finally be tracking stats once the Season 2 update kicks off on February 15. Unfortunately, it won’t be counting your kills and wins from the beginning of the season until the patch. This means that it’ll be a fresh start for everyone involved and stats will have to be accumulated once again.

At the time of writing, only your Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer stats are shown through the Combat Record. This can be found by heading over to the Launcher Menu found at the top-right of the game’s main page. You can then click Stats to access your operator data.

Here, you’ll see information about your K/D and win/ loss ratio from matches you have played so far – amongst other intel, for example your most popular gun.

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Players also have plenty of other online alternatives such as this Warzone Stats Tracker. This website was often previously used by the community to track real-time user data for the 2019 title.

You’ll be able to use it by simply entering your in-game username and selecting the platform that you play on. You’ll also be able to check the most popular meta loadouts by navigating to the Loadouts tab on the top of the page.

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