Can I play God of War Ragnarok early?

Can I play God of War Ragnarok early?
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God of War Ragnarok is releasing around the world over the next 24 hours or so, with most regions eager to finally get their hands on the game. You can read all about the Ragnarok release time countdown right here.

Unsurprisingly, the game has landed with incredibly positive reviews – including from our very own Tom Bardwell here at Videogamer. This has only served to add further hype to the game, with millions around the world chomping at the bit to get stuck into Kratos’ latest adventure.

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Ragnarok is set to launch across the world, however, like we’ve seen with Modern Warfare 2, those in New Zealand will be playing the game first – along with a small amount of people who have the physical game right now due to a blunder by a number of retailers. But is there another way of playing the game early?

Can I play God of War Ragnarok early?

There is no official early access period for God of War Ragnarok – and it was not offered as one of the bonuses for those who pre-ordered the game. That means you’ll have to wait until the game launches in your region to play it. You are, however, able to preload God of War Ragnarok right now. You can find out how to do, and how much space you’ll need right here.

The only way in theory to play God of War Ragnarok is through creating a New Zealand profile using what’s called the ‘New Zealand Trick’. Now, this is not recommended. We are simply answering if there is a way to play the game early. We highly recommend you wait until the release.

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To do the ‘New Zealand trick’, you’ll need to change your console region, then create NZ account on PlayStation. Following this, you’ll then need to buy New Zealand locked gift cards, which will end up slightly more expensive than the £59.99 (PS4) and £69.99 (PS5).

It is our recommendation that you do not do the above. It is a lot of hassle for what will be a few hours extra of gameplay. As per Modern Warfare 2, it is not known if doing this would have any adverse affects – so it may not be worth the risk.

Can I play God of War Ragnarok early FAQ

Does God of War Ragnarok have early access?

No. There is no official early access period for God of War Ragnarok – even for those who have pre-ordered the game.

Is God of War Ragnarok playable now?

Unfortunately, due to a gaffe from some retailers, some gamers are playing God of War Ragnarok early. The rest of us will need to wait until November 9 to play the game. We recommend avoiding streams and social media to minimize the chance of any spoilers.