Deep Silver has defended the CGI trailer which catapulted zombie survival title Dead Island to worldwide success, telling that labelling the marketing tool as misleading would be "ridiculous".

"We did many gameplay trailers with in-game footage before the release, so labelling the CGI misleading would be ridiculous," said Deep Silver's creative director Guido Eickmeyer. "We never pretended to be something different.

"In addition, Dead Island was the biggest and most intense cooperative multiplayer experience in 2011 and I believe playing with your friends or strangers next to each other through a horrifying zombie apocalypse is an emotional experience."

He added: "I truly hope that at some point, even the last people in our industry will understand that games live by user stories, not pre-defined narratives. For watching a scripted experience, I still prefer a good movie."

Eickmeyer was talking to ahead of Dead Island: Riptide's planned April 26 release date.


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