Gaming news website is reporting that Bath-based magazine publisher Future has made a bid for their main (i.e. just about only) games magazine rival, Highbury.

Highbury confirmed that they received a bid, and though speculation points to one of three possible bidders - Centaur, Wilmington and Future - the website reports that sources in Future have said it is they who have made the bid.

If the sale were to go through Future would obtain the publisher Paragon, leaving them with ownership of gaming magazines such as Play, XBM, P2, Cube and gamesTM - effectively wiping out their competition.

We'll have to wait and see what unfolds, but as of now we could be looking at a future with no magazine competition. Things may never be the same again... But then again, things might not change at all.

Either way, we'll report to you when we hear more on the subject.

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