Bright Memory: Infinite
Ben Borthwick by on Oct 29, 2021

Bright Memory: Infinite given a November 11 launch on PC

Publisher Playism has announced impressive looking FPS Bright Memory: Infinite will launch on PC on November 11.

The game sees you wielding guns, blades and time and gravity manipulating abilities to slay mythical beasts and futuristic soldiers. You’re playing as Shelia, an elite investigator at the Supernatural Science Research Organisation in the year 2036. It’s New Year’s Eve, and strange lights have appeared above the skies of China heralding the arrival of a new world.

You’ll use a range of techniques like wall running, blocking and more. You’ll even be able to slice off enemy limbs, which sounds painful for anyone who gets in your way. Rather than reloading your weapons, each one has a special effect that’ll activate on the last bullet. These include tracking missiles and incendiary bombs to name just two.

Shelia also has a detailed skill tree, allowing her to increase her proficiency in certain weapons and skills. It’s intended that this will allow you to take on combat how you want, so you can play to your strengths and what you find works for you.

You can check out a launch trailer for the game for yourself down below. Bright Memory: Infinite will launch on PC on November 11, with an Xbox Series X|S version also promised for the future.


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Bright Memory: Infinite

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Bright Memory: Infinite

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31 December 2020