SouthPeak Games has announced it is working with Evolved Games to publish and distribute Brave: A Warrior's Tale for Wii, Xbox 360 and PSP worldwide this autumn.

The game is based on the original PS2 game, Brave, and promises to be expanded and reinvented.

"This game is set 70 years after the original, so it plays as a flashback in which Brave describes the events of his life," said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games. "This unusual style of videogame storytelling, combined with the game's new content, graphical improvements, and console-specific gameplay, make it a fresh experience."

In the game players take control of Brave who must protect his tribe from evil. By embracing his inner spirit Brave is able to communicate with and embody various animals to help battle enemies that stand in his way.

SouthPeak also notes that the game has been updated with revamped visuals and gameplay.