by on Oct 9, 2018

Borderlands 2 VR announced for December release

Borderlands 2 VR is coming to PlayStation VR on December 14, 2K and Gearbox Software have announced.

This is pretty much the Borderlands 2 that you experienced back in 2011, albeit with the chance to get closer to the lootin' 'an shootin' thanks to the power of Sony's virtual reality gaming headset. You'll have a first-person view of Pandora as you fill bandits full of lead using real-world aiming, gawk at weapons from any angle you wish, and stuff your pockets full of loot from life-sized chests.

Also new to the table is the Bad Ass Mega Fun Time (BAMF Time) feature, allowing you to slow down time to better plan out your attacks. You can also use the new Teleport option to zip around Pandora at your desire. 

The first-person view also allows you to intuitively point, click, and drag your way across the game's menus, while driving is enhanced allowing you to move using the joystick and aim the vehicle's weapon using your headset. 

Borderlands 2 VR will be single-player only, so keep that in mind. Those of you who pre-order the game will receive a PS4 Dynamic Theme for your troubles. 

Now, where's our Borderlands 3, eh Gearbox?



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Borderlands 2

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28 May 2014