Mistwalker's Blue Dragon for Xbox 360 has been under considerable pressure to sell well in Japan. The game is considered by many as one of Microsoft's last hopes to break Japan, and if first week sales are anything to go by the game looks to be the hit everyone involved wanted it to be.

According to the latest Media Create Japanese chart, Blue Dragon entered at No.4 with first week sales of 80,000 units, making it the second best selling Xbox 360 game of all time in Japan - behind Dead or Alive 4.

Microsoft has set a 200,000 sales target for Blue Dragon and 80,000 in week one is certainly a step towards that goal. The game's second week sales are unlikely to be anywhere near as high though; with an install base of around 200,000 in Japan the game is going to have to attract new Xbox 360 owners for strong sales to continue.

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