by on Jun 5, 2020

Bloodborne PC port rumours bubble up after teases from insiders

Bloodborne’s PC port is “genuinely happening,” if we take these industry insiders’ word as gospel (via WccfTech).

Before we move any further, we should not take their word as gospel, no matter how excited we are about the possibility of a PC port. There has been no confirmation from FromSoftware or Sony, and as a result, these are only rumours for now. 

So, speculation was originally sparked when Bloodborne for PC appeared on Amazon France. Sony stated it was an error, but this is also the store that leaked Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC ahead of Sony’s plans. I’ll say no more. Recently, streamer Sloth Mom, industry insider Wario64, and Resetera moderator Jawmuncher have also thrown their lot in with the rumours.

Bloodborne is out now for PlayStation 4.


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