Will the NGP be able to play PS3 games remotely via WiFi? Apparently so, if a blog post by a GAME employee is to be believed.

According to the blog, a Sony rep stopped by GAME to discuss the NGP and revealed a number of features, the most interesting of which being PS3 remote play.

"If you are connected to WiFi anywhere in the world and your PS3 is on standby at home, you can play the game in your PS3 on your NGP without the disk," reads the blog.

If true this will be a big step up from the current PSP, which can remote play certain PSN titles installed on the PS3. It was also discovered that PS3 game Lair could be played via Remote play.

Sony was unable to confirm the feature of the NGP, but did issue a statement.

"We are evaluating the opportunity to offer non-gaming applications/content and will announce further details when ready," Sony told VideoGamer.com.

If full PS3 remote play via the NGP is true it will be an excellent feature for the handheld, but we're a little sceptical. With more details on the handheld unlikely to be revealed until E3 in June, we've got a few months to wait until we get our answer.

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