Black Ops 6 players want Treyarch to add an option that disables cosmetics

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Thematic and pop culture skins have become part and parcel of any new CoD release, and Black Ops 6 will likely be the same. Whether it’s a new outfit for one of your favorite characters (Nova’s dreaded evil Groot skin in MW3) or you just want to represent your favorite icon (Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, or even Lionel Messi), CoD has probably got a cosmetic for you. But even though these skins have become commonplace in the game’s ecosystem, some still don’t want to see it in each match they hop into.

That’s why, over on Reddit, u/Temporary-Farm7701 is asking Black Ops 6 developer Treyarch for an option to toggle cosmetics on or off. “That way, people who enjoy semi-realism can just see default operators/guns running around instead of goofy skins,” they added. Players who enjoy using skins can then turn it on to see their and others’ outfits.

However, u/Various-Departure679 pointed out why this would be unlikely since skins are essentially “a walking advertisement.” Whenever a player uses a particularly eye-catching cosmetic, the image of it running around a map in all its colorful glory is hard to ignore, giving it more attention from the community. If Activision were to approve an option that lets players disable skins, that would render its in-game aesthetic appeal less effective.

Of course, a ‘toggle cosmetics’ option could eventually appear in the game if there’s enough support from the community behind it. But since most players prefer using skins, this feature probably isn’t going to make an appearance any time soon.

So, while you wait to find out what kind of outfits the upcoming CoD game has in store, check out when the Black Ops 6 release date will be. This way, you can start saving up for your first in-game cosmetic beforehand. Alternatively, you can take a look at the Black Ops 6 maps list and Black Ops 6 pre-order bonuses.

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