*LIVE NOW* Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals at lowest prices yet – only $299.99

*LIVE NOW* Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals at lowest prices yet – only $299.99
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This Black Friday Pixel Watch deal brings you the smartest of smartwatches for the lowest of prices.

The Google Pixel Watch has barely been out a month but already we’re seeing Black Friday work its magic, cutting the price all the way to the lowest it has ever been.

The Google Pixel Watch boasts a beautiful, circular, domed design, its focus on style and elegance matching that of the Pixel Smartphone. Furthermore, you can choose from over 20 wrist bands to suit your personal style and outfits.

15% off

Google Pixel Watch with Fitbit Activity Tracking 

Google Pixel Watch – Android Smartwatch with Fitbit Activity Tracking – Heart Rate Tracking Watch – WiFi

Here’re some other top deals on Black Friday tech

The inclusion of 6 months of Fitbit Premium means that if you’re looking at improving your health and fitness then this watch is designed for you.

The Pixel Watch demonstrates Google is able to hold its own in a head to head against the sport smartwatch giant of Garmin, offering a sleek watch that is fully integrated with other Google and android tech.

If this sounds good, you should think seriously about taking this deal while it lasts. While 15% might not seem like a lot, especially by Black Friday standards, its pretty significant for a watch released only 2 months ago and we are unlikely to see a price this good again in the coming months.

Black Friday Google Pixel Watch for never before seen price – $299

Google hinted they would be dropping the price for the smart watch and they have been true to their word. This deal, available at Amazon and Best Buy, is the first time we have seen a discount on this brand new product, which is pretty surprising given just how recently it was released.

Check out the deal below and, if it piques your interest, strike while the iron is hot. There’s no guarantee we will see the price this low for quite some while.

Is the Google Pixel Watch worth it on Black Friday?

The Google Pixel Watch, released in October, was released alongside the Google Pixel 7 smartphone. Alongside the Apple Watch, and Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch range, we now have a huge range of wildly powerful and intuitive smart watches on the market at the moment.

If you’re looking for a Black Friday Google Pixel watch, the current discount of $50 is one of the best ways for you to get involved. So, yes. The Google Pixel Watch is absolutely worth it on Black Friday.

Black Friday Google Pixel Watch deals FAQs

Is the Pixel Watch worth getting on Black Friday?

Yes. Black Friday is one of the biggest days of the year for sales and as we lead up to Christmas it allows you to get amazing gifts at incredible prices, which will make Christmas an unforgettable one while also saving you money that you can spend elsewhere. 

Does the Pixel Watch Black Friday deal offer good value?

This Pixel Watch offers a great array of features to help keep you on the go, keep you connected and track your health and fitness. With this competitive deal it is a difficult offer to pass by. With an array of colours and bands, there is a style that will suit everyone’s needs.