The second episode of BioShock Infinite's single-player DLC Burial at Sea launches across Xbox Live and PC later today, but Xbox 360 owners will be required to download two files in order to play it, Irrational has revealed.

"For our #BurialAtSea #EpisodeTwo fans on Xbox 360 tomorrow, please note due to the size, there will be two downloads in order to play," Irrational tweeted last night.

It isn't known how big each of the downloads will be, but the developer states that Episode 2 comes in between 6-10GB depending on platform. It also isn't clear why two files are required, especially considering Games on Demand titles have previously demanded bigger downloads.

Nevertheless, Irrational says that the content is due to hit Xbox Live right around now, with a PC release expected between 5-7pm GMT this evening.

A European PlayStation 3 release is due to follow tomorrow.

Source: @IrrationalGames

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