The classic 90's cartoon has been given a new lease of life with a new television series, and hoping to cash-in on the rodents' return is The Game Factory. Scheduled for release in October in the UK and Finland, Biker Mice from Mars is a racing-based action game for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS.

Mars is in the depth of destruction and it's up to the Biker Mice to recover the Regenerator - the one thing that can save their home planet. It won't be easy for the Biker Mice though: Hairball, leader of the feline race the Catatonians, and Ronald Rump, an evil land developer, are both out to cause destruction.

Players will get to control each of the Biker Mice, and also enlist the help of friends from across the solar system, including General Carbine and Charley the mechanic. The PlayStation 2 game features 15 levels, while the DS version boasts eight action packed missions. The gameplay appears to be a mix of racing and action, with players needing to use weapons to take down enemies.

Although obviously aimed at the pre and early teen market, I'm sure there'll be plenty of slightly older gamers secretly hoping this turns out to be something great.