‘BigFish’ is the codename for Remedy’s next game, claims report

‘BigFish’ is the codename for Remedy’s next game, claims report
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Remedy Entertainment’s next game is apparently codenamed “BigFish,” as ascertained by a tracking tool for the Epic Games Store (via WccfTech).

Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games are on friendly terms, with a “history of 25 years in the games industry as well as a deep understanding of the business from the developer’s and the publisher’s point of view.” As such, the two companies have collaborated so that the next two games from Remedy Entertainment will be published by Epic Games. These undertakings will enjoy “full creative freedom and IP ownership,” which is a very interesting thing to say, indeed.

Anyway, Epicdata.info has dragged up a reference to one of these untitled games, which is apparently codenamed “BigFish.” As you can see, these are owned by Remedy Entertainment, and the entry was only created in mid-May. 

What could “BigFish” mean? Well, it could mean nothing at all. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was codenamed “Incident on 57th Street.” Yeah, the Bruce Springsteen song. That has nothing in common with a hulking mythological snake in the toilets of a magical wizarding school hidden from non-magical eyes in the Scottish highlands. On the other hand, Nintendo referred to the Wii with the codename “Revolution.” Though not as snappy as “Wii,” that name summed up all you needed to know about the console, with its innovative motion control system remote and accessible interface.

In short, it could mean everything. Or it could mean nothing. If we do hear anything about “BigFish,” you’ll be the first to know.