FIFA 23 Best Midfielders – How to Make the Complete Midfield

FIFA 23 Best Midfielders – How to Make the Complete Midfield
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FIFA 23 has been out a little while now, we have a greater understanding of the meta in the game and what’s what.

The big question then, is who are the best midfielders to buy for FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team?

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We’ve got a few players here that you should consider, and we have picks available for any kind of budget. You can also check out our FIFA 23 best formations, to give your team the attacking edge. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-02-23 

Best Midfielders For FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

So without further ado, here are ones you should consider buying now or saving up to excel your squad. We’ve gone through and cherry picked the best talent from around the world – for every type of budget. From bargain players to those who want to splash the cash. Let’s kick off.

Bernardo Silva – Path to Glory – 92 Rated

Right now it is hard to imagine a better card for your midfield than this one. He is so good going forward and his dribbling is unbelievable. He also plays in the Premier League, so you can link him with some other exceptional players, the only drawback is the price.

To get Bernardo Silva you’ll need to drop the best part of a million coins but he can still go up more.

Joao Cancelo – Out of Position – 90 Rated

We promise this list won’t just be Manchester City players, but they do have a lot of great midfielders and this Cancelo card is up there with the best. Cancelo normally plays his trade at fullback, yet his passing range is so good he good do a job in midfield, especially with how he underlaps.

This card plays homage to that making one of the most balanced midfielders in the game. Right now, you can pick up this card for just over 400,000 coins.

Frankie De Jong – World Cup Path to Glory – 90 Rated

Frankie De Jong is one of the best young midfielders in the world, he perfectly captures how you expect a Dutch player to play. He is confident on the ball, with a killer first touch and an eye for a pass, as the card shows. Like Bernardo Silva this card also has some room to go up if the Netherlands go far in the World Cup. He will cost just under 600,000 coins.

Other midfielders to consider

If these midfielders don’t crop out for your preference – we have a plethora of midfielders to try in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, these are:

  • Bruno Fernandes (CM) – a solid attacking midfielder, he can provide mostly everything for you from a CAM viewpoint. Great shooting, decent pace and strong playmaking skills
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger (CM, with position modifier) – This is one of the best value icons you can get early on. Both his 87 and 89 are around 125,000 coins and can play anywhere in your midfield.
  • Dirk Kuyt (88 CAM/CM) – Kuyt is a legend of the game and he costs just over 200,000 which is a bargain for a player of this quality.

Type of midfielders – which one is best for you?

While these midfielders a great, you’ll have to figure out which ones are best for you. The best midfielders in FIFA 23 ultimately is your decision.

These midfielders excel at certain things but lack in different areas i.e Toni Kroos is a great central midfielder who can set up plays whilst Valverde is better box-to-box, due to his increased mobility.

It is important you have the right players for the formation you’re using. If you’re using only two midfielders, with a back five, then you need to make sure your midfielders can do it all. Where as if you have a midfield three, then a mixture of attacking and defensive players is best.

The key is to find your niche across your midfield that best compliments your play style – this will extend your team’s potential going forward!

FIFA 23 Best Midfielders FAQ

Who is the best midfielder in FIFA 23?

There are plenty of good midfielders currently in FIFA 23, but for us the best is most likely the World Cup Hero Yaya Toure. He is the complete midfielder, and is just as good going froward as he is defensively.

Who is the fastest midfielder in FIFA 23?

Saeed Al-Owairan is the fastest midfielder in FIFA 23, boasting 99 Pace that comes from his FUT Heroes card.