Lionhead Studios have announced that development on their prehistoric Xbox title BC has been suspended. The news came on the company's Lionhead Times web site. BC looked to be a project with a great deal of potential and this news will come as a blow for many Xbox owners.

Peter Molyneux had this to say about the decision to halt development on the game.

ââ¬ÅThe decision to suspend work on any games project is always a very difficult one, particularly when it is a title with the potential of BC. We hope to revive the project at a later date and will endeavour to assign as many of the team as possible to other Lionhead projects.ââ¬Â

This news comes after Lionheads' recently releaed Fable became the fastest selling Xbox game ever and was met with much acclaim from press and consumers alike. It isn't clear whether or not we will ever see BC again, but reviving the project on a next generation system could be something very special. We will keep you updated on any further developments.

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