The Bayonetta franchise was on "the brink of disappearing" forever after SEGA put any plans for a sequel on hold, but Nintendo stepped in to allow Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya to complete unfinished business with the witch-based action game.

"I had unfinished business that I wanted to include in a second one," Kamiya told at Gamescom yesterday. "When that idea came about, SEGA was actually putting it on hold so, yes, I'm very grateful for Nintendo that they're allowing us to make this happen."

He added: "When Nintendo offered to support us and the Bayonetta franchise - which was on the brink of disappearing - I was extremely happy for it survival as we were able to release a second one for the people who enjoyed the first."

Kamiya admits he was a little surprised at fan reaction to Bayonetta 2 coming only to Wii U, but says he does understand why it happened.

"I was very surprised at the user response when they found out it was Wii U only," he explained.

"Honestly, the consoles that users can own is limited," he continued. "They can only have so many. Not everyone can own everything, so it's fair to say that users would be upset that they wouldn't be able to play [Bayonetta 2] on a console they already own. That I very much understand.

"But at the time our team and our wish was to revive and create Bayonetta 2 and when Nintendo offered to support this project, and leading up to the announcement of the game, and when it was made, we were all extremely glad. Because of this, the happiness, I was slightly disappointed at the gap between my feelings and the fans' feelings."

Bayonetta 2 is coming exclusively to Wii U in 2014. Read more from Kamiya in our full interview from Gamescom.