Battefield 1 will not feature one large single player campaign, but many different War Stories which form an anthology, DICE has revealed alongside a debut trailer.

These War Stories focus on different protagonists with unique backgrounds and skills.

"While our characters are at war, the stories in Battlefield 1 are personal. They're about people rather than history or battles," explains DICE.

"The Great War is diverse. We knew we wanted to embrace that variety. There were so many different perspectives and characters in World War 1 and we wanted to cover as much ground as possible."

One of these War Stories is 'Through Mud and Blood', which takes place late in the war and centres on a British Mark V Tank crew.

"The story focuses on a young soldier assigned to the crew as the tank's driver," explains the Battlefield blog. "However, our protagonist has no experience of these modern war vehicles and need to learn – and learn fast. Our hero is also struggling with earning the trust of his fellow crew members, so there's a social dynamic in the story, making the whole thing something personal. Danny Edwards, our driver character, is not an ace sniper. He's not a crack pilot. He's not a demo expert. He's a former chauffeur – a volunteer new to the war. He can drive and he can fix things. That's where we start."

Battlefield 1's campaign will also use cinematics that give players the chance to actually see their character, something which has been rarely used in earlier Battlefield titles.

"We wanted the player to see and feel what the characters are going through, rather than just experiencing it from behind their eyes. That has really payed off for us not just in storytelling ability, but in emotional engagement," adds DICE.

The single player campaign also aims to embrace the systemic gameplay and freedom found in multiplayer.

"For instance, in the aforementioned Through Mud and Blood there is a part we call The Fog of War. Here you suddenly find yourself in a misty forest. Due to the low visibility you're moving ahead of your tank on foot, clearing camps of enemies. If you like, you can use explosives to blow up the enemies' anti-tank weapons, or you can sneak up and do melee attacks," explains DICE.

"Eventually you'll come across a relatively large base with field guns you can either destroy to protect your tank – or use against the enemies. You'll also have the option of taking out an enemy tank crew, which suddenly gives you access to an enemy vehicle that you can seize for the encounter. This is all designed to encourage players to play it their way – just like in multiplayer."

Players can also expect to bump into a range of historical figures, such as Lawrence of Arabia and The Red Baron.

"Lawrence is put in a true underdog situation in Battlefield 1," explains DICE. "The Ottoman Empire has a giant armoured train called The Canavar – or "beast" in Turkish – equipped with a huge artillery piece that can strike from miles away. The Empire's devastating artillery engages rebel forces – who are wielding rifles from horseback.

"In Battlefield 1, you play an Arab rebel that is depicted as Lawrence's right hand. This character needs to use her resourceful playstyle to scout out enemy encampments, liberate the equipment needed, and draw the armored train out to a final confrontation. Play it loud, quiet, long-range, close-up, on your horse, or in an appropriate vehicle – it's up to you."

Of course Battlefield 1 promises a vast multiplayer component, featuring six game modes and nine launch maps, with one more coming free in December.

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