There haven't been any successful shooters so far on the Wii, the lead producer of upcoming download-only Xbox 360, PS3 and PC shooter Battlefield 1943 has claimed.

Speaking to in an interview to be published tomorrow, DICE producer Patrick Liu confirmed that the studio, which is owned by US powerhouse EA, currently has no plans for the Wii.

He said: "I can say we currently don't have any plans for the Wii. The Wii is a very difficult platform, not just because of the performance but mainly because of the controls. There haven't been any successful shooters so far, as I see it, on Wii."

Liu's comments disprove speculation that a Wii version of the parkour-inspired Mirror's Edge, also made by DICE, was in the works following EA CEO John Riccitiello's recent promise that it will produce half of its upcoming console games for Nintendo platforms.

EA hopes to release games that rival Nintendo's in terms of quality, from casual experiences like a new tennis franchise to core games like Dead Space, which the company released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year.

When asked what EA's plans meant for DICE, Liu said: "DICE as a studio is quite autonomous. We focus on what we think is best for the studio. If that involves Nintendo or not, well we'll see about that."

Check back tomorrow for the interview with DICE's Patrick Liu in full. In the mean time, head over to our hands-on preview of Battlefield: 1943.

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