Battlefield 5 reveal date potentially found in Battlefield 1 Easter egg

Battlefield 5 reveal date potentially found in Battlefield 1 Easter egg
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Intrepid Battlefield 1 players appear to have discovered the reveal date for Battlefield 5 via a new Easter egg in buried in the depths of 2016's acclaimed World War I shooter.

The Room, as it's called, is a pretty complicated affair though rewards gamers with a special dogtag featuring morse code that spells 'Secrets Revealed.' However, it goes just beyond that. Once the tag is unlocked, it'll cue a special music track, as well as a barely-discernible sound of dripping water coming from the hidden room.

This isn't just any odd dripping water coming from a leaky tap though; it's rhythmic, and later discovered to be morse code. When translated, fans discovered it points to this website.

Pay a visit to the site and you can see it simply features the hashtag Battlefield alongside a date of May 23, 2018. Further digging around the website turned up a countdown timer that stops on May 28, so EA's obviously got something big planned up its sleeves.

Battlefield 5 unveil perhaps? It would certainly fit in with EA's previous reveal scheduled for Battlefield 1, that's for sure. 

We don't really know anything official about the next Battlefield game yet, other than it's coming this fall. However, rumours have been swirling for some time now that it'll be set in the Second World War and feature a dedicated co-op mode. Oh, and single-player is also on the cards, that's for sure.

Developer DICE is also reportedly working on a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield 5, but there's no word yet on if it's actually going to be included.