Sales of Gearbox's online shooter Battleborn are "tracking just ahead" of the original Borderlands, creative director Randy Varnell has revealed, describing the game's launch as being "pretty good".

Speaking on Twitch, Varnell said that the studio is feeling "cautiously optimistic" about the game's future, before adding: "The launch has been pretty good. We do a lot of comparisons back to the first Borderlands back in 2009 and that launch felt a lot similar for us.

"Ultimately Borderlands [was an] extremely successful new game for us, and even Borderlands 1 went on to sell, I think, almost 7, 8 million units in its lifetime," he said. "Battleborn is actually tracking just ahead of where Borderlands was on the sales, and we think it's going to be a game that is going to work like that. A decent, solid launch. We're seeing steady and growing user counts on all three platforms, and hoping that word of mouth is going to take us even further."

Battleborn debuted at No.1 in the UK All-Formats Charts following its release last week, although sales figures for the game have not been revealed by 2K. The original Borderlands, meanwhile, sold over 2 million units worldwide within its first two months of launch.

Battleborn is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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