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Battle royale brawler Rumbleverse aiming for a cross-platform playtest this June

Developer Iron Galaxy has announced it’s aiming its first cross-platform playtest of its upcoming battle royale brawler Rumbleverse for June.

A development update to fans broke the news earlier today. While the team didn’t give an exact date for the test, it did say it’ll announce it closer to launch. Unlike previous tests, this one will help to test the game’s cross platform matchmaking. To that end, players on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC are all being invited to take part.

The upcoming free-to-play brawler was first unveiled back in December. It features 40 people thrown into a map to fight battle-royale style, only with the big twist being that the game will focus on melee combat. It comes from Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy, who know a thing or two about fisticuffs.

Rumbleverse was originally to launch into early access in February, but the team decided against that in January. A new date wasn’t given, but a network test was held back in February for PC. Today’s update offered a little more insight into how development is progressing on the game. Though it’s shaping up better, Iron Galaxy say “there is still more work to be done”.

“The game looks better and plays better, but the real improvements are on cross-platform matchmaking and social features. At launch, we want you to be able to team up (yes, Rumbleverse will have teams) and talk to anyone, no matter where they play. We want you to have a world of options to build a character that is perfect for you. We want this game to thrive from one season to the next.”

In the meantime, you can sign up for Early Access information on Rumbleverse and potentially get into the June playtest over here.


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