PC gamers should prepare themselves for quite the overhaul when Batman: Arkham Knight is updated and re-released, Nvidia engineer Tom Peterson has said in a new Nvidia Gameworks video.

"I look at [Arkham Knight] as an example of where Nvidia can help a developer get to market with a quality game," Peterson said. "Warner Bros. ... made a few mistakes getting the game out. It wasn't fully performance optimized for PC. So now we're deploying our QA resources and our engineers to make that game as good as it possibly can be."

He continued: "I gotta tell you on the releases I've seen it is a fantastic game," he said. "It plays great, it's tons of fun and the effects are amazing. And I can tell you that when Warner Bros. makes it available on Steam again that people are going to be delighted."

Peterson and his team's work should also benefit PC gamers who aren't running Nvidia hardware, he says.

"We're fixing a ton of things that are not necessarily related to us. Some of it may be related to our driver, some not. But at the end of the day the game is the focus and we're going to make it great."

An interim update for the game is expected in August, though it remains to be seen when the game will be re-launched.

Source: MMORPG via Polygon

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