A free Survival Mode has been released for Banner Saga 2, Stoic and Versus Evil have announced.

In Survival Mode players have to assemble a combat team from a wide range of existing Banner Saga heroes. Once their team is complete, combat begins, but beware, perma-death in battle is real and once lost, a hero can not be brought back.

To complete the mode players will need to survive 40 back-to-back combat levels.

"Survival Mode is something we've been working on behind the scenes for a while now," commented John Watson, Technical Director at Stoic. "This is an entirely new experience within Banner Saga 2. Our goal was to create a fun, tactical game mode where fans can play from a different perspective which focuses on strategy and the hard cost of death in combat."

Banner Saga 2 launches for consoles July 26 and mobile devices later in the summer.

Source: Stoic

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