British development studio Rebellion has announced that the PC version of its upcoming Aliens Vs Predator video game will support DirectX 11 features.

Ten years after the release of the first Aliens Vs Predator game, Rebellion is once again at the forefront of technology. The developer will take advantage of DirectX 11 hardware tessellation to capture the detail, essence and tone of the Aliens and Predator movies.

Chris Kingsley, CTO of Rebellion commented: "DirectX 11 provides opportunities never exploited before in 3D graphical terms, with features such as the Shader Model 5.0 providing better shadow and depth of field aspects to the game, and also multi-threaded rendering enabling the Aliens Vs. Predator futuristic characters and environments to be realised in exacting detail but with absolutely no frame rate issues. We are confident we will deliver a game the fans have been waiting for and one of which we will be very proud."

Aliens Vs Predator is scheduled for release in February 2010.

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