The mysterious snaps posted on Twitter by Avalanche Studios boss Christofer Sundberg earlier this year were of an unannounced sandbox steampunk title, he's revealed.

Speaking to EDGE, Sundberg stated that the images, which appeared to show a character plummeting towards a blimp and hijacking a motorcycle, "were from a steampunk-style game we had in development that we put on ice.

"I really love that art style," he said, "and to combine it with sandbox gameplay is a dream of mine. Fortunately, being an independent developer I can control my own destiny and we'll make something in that world sooner or later."

Avalanche is currently working on multiple cross-gen titles, which is expected to include Just Cause 3 and a game set in the Mad Max universe.

The company also pitched a Star Wars title to publishers prior to the license being acquired by EA.

"We have been pitching games, discussing games based on our own IP and publishers' IP for ten years now," Sundberg continued. "[Star Wars] was one of them and it never ended up happening for various reasons."

Rumours point towards a reveal of at least one of Avalanche's unannounced games at E3 next month.

Source: EDGE-Online

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