In Age of Pirates players take on the role of Blaze or his daredevil stepsister Beatrice, and set sail across the Caribbean Sea. On your adventure you'll do all kinds of pirate activities, like engaging in massive naval battles and sword fights, partaking in challenging quests, conquering and managing colonies, trading goods, and looting merchant convoys.

"Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales is an exciting title to add to our PC line-up," said Rick Mehler, Director of Marketing, Atari, Inc. "Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales provides a deep role playing experience that encourages development of captain, crew, ships, towns, fighting abilities, weapons and more. With a chest full of features, Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales is a treasure of a game."

The game has a selection of sixteen different ships to sail, varying weather conditions, day and night cycles, and multiplayer battles for up to 16 players. Multiplayer game modes include the usual Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, plus Defend the Convoy and Capture the Fort.

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales is developed by Russian studio Akella (Sea Dogs, Age of Sail II, Pirates of the Caribbean), and should be available in September. Atari will be handling distribution throughout Europe, the US and Asia.