Assassin's Creed won't hit cinemas until December, but New Regency is already planning for a sequel with star Michael Fassbender set to return, reports Hollywood insider The Tracking Board.

New Regency has Assassin's Creed pegged as a potentially lucrative new franchise, and having invested heavily into the $125 million picture - along with co-financiers Alpha Pictures International and Brett Ratner's RatPac Entertainment - the decision to move ahead with a sequel does suggest some positivity around the potential success of the debut film.

Much of the production team is also set to return, though it's not clear if director Justin Kurzel is on board.

In Assassin's Creed Fassbender stars as Aguilar, a new Assassin created specifically for the film, and new modern day counterpart Callum Lynch who discovers his connection to the 15th century Assassin via his genetic memories. The action will take place in 15th century Spain.

Source: The Tracking Board