Ashes Cricket 2013's release date is "in a state of flux", the game's director has admitted, suggesting that the game may not hit its revised July release window.

"It's really a day-by-day proposition," director Mike Fegan explained while discussing the game's release date in a video posted to Facebook last Friday.

"Where we're at currently is the PC build is going well. We're giving that lots of polish and it's coming along nicely. However, we've had hold-ups on the console side."

It's long been suspected by the game's community that Ashes Cricket 2013 may not make it into stores before the Ashes series begins next Wednesday.

And worryingly, Fegan admits that the game has yet to get through submission on Xbox 360 and PS3, suggesting that the game may be even further away from release than initially expected.

"The good news is that Xbox 360 is actually going in [for submission] today, and PS3 will follow shortly," he continues, "so we hope in the next two weeks to have it through submission and into manufacture.

"So the release date is really in a state of flux right now. We need to get through the submission process on console, and once we get the results of that we'll know where we're at.

"Meanwhile, we're throwing every possible resource at getting the game finished. As I say, we'll continue to polish, continue to try and add as much as we can and then work through all the submission issues coming back for both PS3 and Xbox 360. I can't give you an exact date right now, but we're doing our utmost to get it out as soon as possible."

Fegan failed to mention the status of the Wii U version.

Ashes Cricket 2013 had previously been due to release last month. However, two days before its release it was revealed that the game had been pushed back to July. Publisher 505 Games later apologised for the delay and admitted that it "should have been more transparent and honest" about the problems it had experienced.

505 has yet to confirm a new release date for Ashes Cricket 2013 beyond a July window.

Source: Ashes Cricket 2013 Facebook

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