Arkanoid Eternal Battle
by on Nov 22, 2021

Arkanoid Eternal Battle announced as a new entry in the block-breaking series

French publisher Microids has announced it’s bringing back classic Tatio series Arkanoid in a new game entitled Arkanoid Eternal Battle.

The announcement didn’t give away too much, but we did get a blurb. “Players will discover or be reintroduced to the emblematic block breaker game in a fully modernized version. Arkanoid Eternal Battle features different solo and multiplayer modes that will be unveiled at a later date. Classic elements from the franchise will definitely make a comeback as well as new effects, bonuses and features guaranteed to take veteran players by surprise!”

Fellow French studio Pastagames will develop Arkanoid Eternal Battle. While a small studio, they’ve previously worked on porting Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition to the Nintendo Switch. They also worked on mobile outing Rayman: Jungle Run.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar, the classic arcade game first launched in 1986. Playing as a small spacecraft (a paddle) you destroy spacewalls (blocks) by deflecting a ball from going off the bottom of the screen. The game’s clear inspiration was Atari’s Breakout some ten years earlier, though Arakanoid expanded on that game in several ways, including having something of a plot.

Microids hasn’t revealed any formats for Araknoid Eternal Battle, and only offered a release window of 2022. Still, there’s a fancy reveal of the game’s logo to watch, which you can see down below.


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