Studio Wildcard has announced that its upcoming Genesis expansion to popular dinosaur themed survival game ARK: Survival Evolved has to spend a little longer in the oven, and will now be releasing in February.

The expansion - which was originally revealed back in August last year - is set to include a new map based on a simulation world, allowing for some vastly varying biomes such as underwater and an icy planet, as well as plenty of new creatures and monsters to tame. Naturally, that also means a bunch of new tools and weapons and, yes, even a giant freakin' turtle to ride on the back of - all the while being guided by a new AI companion.

In announcing the delay, Studio Wildcard said 'This additional delay will no doubt come as a disappointment to everyone who is eagerly awaiting Genesis. We’re extremely sorry to push it back an extra month, but as we have been heads-down with the rest of the team polishing, balancing and putting the final pieces together, we really felt that the extra wait will be worth it both for the quality of the base game and the ambitious new expansion.'

You can check out the original announcement trailer for the expansion below. ARK: Survival Evolved Genesis is set to launch on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on February 25.


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