Mass Effect 2 players who've also signed up to the Cerberus Network (free with new purchases or available as a 1200 MS Points DLC purchase) can now access the Arc Projector firearm.

Your character will need Heavy Weapons training to handle this baby and it's pretty nifty too, with a two second recharge time.

"The Arc Projector ionizes targets with a non-visible laser to ready them for a high-voltage electrical attack. As the lightning-like bolt hits its first target, a sophisticated auto-targeting system paints succeeding targets with the ionization laser, allowing the electricity to take the path of least resistance and arc between them. An entire enemy strike team can be shocked to death with a few pulls of the trigger. Careful aiming will also allow the user to arc shots to nearby explosives as well."

Mass Effect 2 is out now for Xbox 360 and PC.

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